the missing link for the music professional

Onstage - an invite only network dedicated to the true professional musician providing a set of promotional, networking and social tools. Onstage is an internal project entirely designed, developed and deployed by the Codeberry team.

Product type

SaaS, Web Application, iOS Application



  • Concept Development
  • Branding
  • Art Direction and UI/UX
  • Audio encoding and distribution
  • Frontend and Backend Development
  • Server Infrastructure and Deployment
  • SEO
  • iOS Application Development
Technology Stack
Onstage - Web and iPhone applications


Professional musicians demand collaboration in a network of like-minded musicians of same caliber. Onstage delivers this exact need in a digital form.

Onstage.io initially featured an easy to use module for publishing short excerpts of the musician’s ongoing work (Soundbites). It allowed connected professionals to provide valuable feedback and interact around the Soundbite concept. While this proved to be a good starting point for a network of professionals, the musicians demanded additional set of tools to better promote and connect themselves and their work.


How to provide a one-stop-shop for the professional, keep it private yet promote to the world? We designed additional tools to help the professional musician promote their music, connect with proven professionals, set and manage event schedules while combining it all in an easy to deploy and customize personal site.

Simple. Right?

Checkout Sites and Onstage Recorder.

Branding & Identity

The inspiration for the Onstage Identity comes from the classic mid-century professional musicaian hardware and tools. We wanted to have a look and feel that somehow feels familiar and reliable. The AZ Claire hardwriten display font was the perfect match for the purpose.

The color pallete was chosen to contain bold and vivid colors, and they were skillfully implemented both web and mobile.

The Soundbite

Share your work in the smallest form. Get and Give feedback.

When in need of advice musicians will turn to various sources. Colleagues, Teachers and Friends are all part of the human element that will play a role in perfecting the musical element. Sourcing from trusted local connections has its limits where global reach to a hand-picked network of professionals will simplify and further improve the musician’s work.

You could now create and share with the Onstage Recorder

Onstage Sites


Onstage Site is a personal web space available under the musician's own domain name (e.g. jazzlegend.tld). This product allows professionals to create a site with a click of a button. It's feature rich and easy to customize. Most of the content is already present and deployment is a snap. Musicians have the ability to feature music and showcase work right from their Onstage inventory and projects or upload additional files to showcase. Supports external pictures and video.

Onstage Recorder

A microphone in your pocket. Onstage Recorder is one of the the newest additions to the Onstage arsenal of professional tools. Designed to intuitively capture recording sessions or quickly record Soundbites, the Onstage Recorder will help the professional musician store and share their work. This product is under heavy development. Stay tuned for an updated and feature rich version.